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Welcome to the Busi Online Blog. I decided to start this blog to share the life and times of starting your own business. I hope that it may help or motivate you in starting or expanding your own business.

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My name is Michelle, as the owner and Director of Busi Online, I am eager to share with you more of what Busi Online has to offer. Here is the place where I wanted to share my motivations, life, technology, and everything about Busi Online. 

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Starting a business can be an exciting and overwhelming experience that entrepreneurs invest their time and money in. When starting a business, it can be hard to do it as a sole trader/founder.  Some people might start the business venture with their spouse, as I did with Busi Online. These days, a relationship or marriage that lasts along time is an achievement. When you add the challenges of going into business together, things can real, and it can be complicated.

This blog is my attempt to explain the foundations of our relationship/partnership and lessons that we have learnt along the way to help us navigate through the tough time times.

1. Respect Each Other

Respect should the most evident foundation, yet it is often the one most missed by spouses turned business partners. It can be easy for spouses to be comfortable and fail to treat each other with respect and professionalism. Maybe because you know each other so well, you might take each other for granted. Never let that happen! YOU ARE EQUAL in this team and both bring your own strengths that enhance your business.

2. Time Together

There are going to be days when work is brought home and that plan for a relaxing evening goes out the window. Don’t create an argument or conflict, know that there is always going to be tomorrow and set healthy boundaries and communicate openly and honestly. Try setting one or two nights a week that is “YOUR” time together, without work. My partner and I plan the weekends as our time, where we might go out or relax watching Netflix or do things around the house.

3. Communication is Important

Communication is an imperative part of any relationship, whether it is personal or business. All relationships have ups and downs, and a healthy communication style can make it easier to deal with conflict and build a stronger and healthier partnership. Sometimes one of us might have to work after hours and how we manage is that when we go outside for some air, we talk, and at times we are each other’s sounding board. I was honest with Mick about my fears and apprehensions. Mick was supportive and helped me understand his motivation and helped me overcome the apprehensions I felt.

4. Support Each Other

Too often being a spouse and business partners are completely opposite roles. Being Micks partner, I wanted to comfort him, yet the go-getter in me wants to work hard and smart to keep things moving ahead. It can be a fine line between the spouse and business partner in you. You need to find out what drives each of you and support each other to master and utilize it.

5. Be Each Other’s Cheerleader

One thing I have learnt since establishing Busi Online is that being an Entrepreneur can be a long and lonely journey. No one else cares about your business as much as you do. It is that sheer passion that has driven me. It is vital to always appreciate each other in all that you do both at home and at work. To hear Mick say “great work babe, I am proud of you and what you achieved” is better than any pay check and honestly is the one thing that I need and he always seems to say it at the right time. But it must be both ways, not a giver and a taker. Do not get so caught up in work that you lose sight and forget to acknowledge achievements, good work or a good day at the office.

6. Mutual interests outside of work

Having mutual interests outside of work will give you a deeper and stronger connection and other topics for conversation when you're outside of work. For us it could be taking our 18 month old Rottweiler to the beach, visiting family and friends, pistol shooting at the local gun club, go karting, and sometimes we’re completely spontaneous. We put firm boundaries in that we do not discuss work and no phones, its our time and we talk.

Having your spouse as your business partner can be great. You need to understand and know what makes your partner tick when it comes to work. Establish and always have an honest and open communication. Try not to let your what is happening in your personal life and work cross over, it’s easier said than done, I know. Cheer each other on and always be supportive. Whether you have a win or lose, appreciate what you have accomplished and celebrate what you have achieved. Be grateful.