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Welcome to the Busi Online Blog. I decided to start this blog to share the life and times of starting your own business. I hope that it may help or motivate you in starting or expanding your own business.

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My name is Michelle, as the owner and Director of Busi Online, I am eager to share with you more of what Busi Online has to offer. Here is the place where I wanted to share my motivations, life, technology, and everything about Busi Online. 

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Starting your own business online may sound like a dream come true, but when the fantasy fades you realise how much uncertainty you now have in your life. There is a risk to anything we do, the inherent risk in any start-up is that you are trading the certainty of a normal job for real growth and freedom. Having a steady job brings the certainty of a steady paycheck each week or fortnight and that your life, work and finances are in order.

I found with starting Busi Online, that I had to give up certainty to fully take on the risks of chasing my dream and starting my own business. The start-up process will like a roller coaster ride and something you need to prepare for. Its easier for me to say that, but there are so many ups and downs in starting a new business; stress, frustration and deceased motivation are to be expected.


Here are five ways that have helped me cope with start-up uncertainty:


1. Establish and stick to a morning routine

There are many ways to establish a morning routine. The most important thing is to stick to it and to maintain a stable routine. Having a morning routine allows your mind to centre and gives some order to your day. By giving yourself some stability you start the day off in a predictable way so that you can be ready to jump into work each day. Wake up an hour to forty minutes before you plan to start work, take the dog for a walk (or let him take you for a walk), sit out the back having a cup of coffee and listen to music, or even practice yoga or meditation. Find something that will help you to get from a sleepy/hungover mindset to being ready to take on the day.


2. Schedule your week

It is much easier to run a structured calendar working a conventional office job, everybody seems to be demanding your time for one meeting or another. The issue with having your own start-up is that while others demanding your time, the routine team meetings are gone and so too is any resemblance of structure from a pre-filled calendar. Try and spend Sunday evening to fill or upcoming week as much as possible and to think about it as your goals for the week. Plan big tasks every day throughout the week. That way you always know what you should be working on and stay on track.


3. Exercise

Exercise helps fight off anxiety and stress. There’s no better way to funnel your business frustrations more than into the weights or taking a 45 kilogram, 18 month old Rottweiler for a walk! By the time you’re done, your body and mind will be much more relaxed. A necessity when it comes to the tension of being in the initial stage of start-up during those hours of staring at your laptop and making calls.


4. Make time for yourself

Taking a little time for yourself refreshes and re-energizes you, allows you to think more clearly and make better decisions. Taking “me” time also builds your self-esteem over time and you come to realize that you are important and deserve to have a little time to yourself. Schedule a treat for yourself once a month. It could be a weekend, or it could be taking an afternoon off. Maybe you get a spa treatment, go see a movie, a haircut or whatever treat you’re always thinking about but rarely get to. For me it is going to the beach, taking photos, or sitting with my partner and watching Netflix. Schedule it and make it happen!


5. Be grateful

Gratitude was one of the feel-good things that I always used to skip over whenever it was mentioned. I wanted cold, calculated strategy or tools I could use to build a business as fast as possible. Many brilliant minds in not only self-help, but also in business, speak about the need for gratitude. Here is why it helps me when Busi Online is going through growing pains or everything seems like it is going wrong. I get filled with doubt and uncertainty and gratitude is the quickest way to relief.

Yes, starting your own business is a massive effort, but there is always some job out there. I decided to launch something of my own because I don’t want a baseline existence. I want to grow and build with the freedom someone can only give themselves. That alone is enough to be grateful. But if you need more, how about that most people are too scared to do what you’re doing. Or that you are taking the time to believe in yourself and live a life of taking chances.

Gratitude speaks of your character and self-worth much more than the life of quiet misery so many people in the world allow to decide their entire lifestyle. Be grateful you have this opportunity and make the most of it.